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Stuck? Take five days and four nights to get the tools you need to move forward. 


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Sign up for Bloom's five day, four night retreat to step back, regroup, and make the right decisions to become "unstuck."

We understand the difficult journey you are on and have created a healing, relaxing week for you where you can clear your head. This is a place where you belong.  

Led by Bloom and Dr. Kevin Skinner, you will gain tools, support, and the therapeutic help you need to become "unstuck", move forward and make the right decisions for your life.

5 Reasons Why You Need This

1) Find Peace


"Bloom’s desire is to not only help mend the broken heart, but help women whose partners have hurt them with their porn addiction [or infidelity] to blossom—becoming stronger, brighter, and whole. Fight the New Drug recommends Bloom to anyone looking to find hope and healing." [View Post Here]

2) Gain Clarity

3) Get Unstuck

Relax, laugh, play, eat and reconnect with yourself and wonderful women in your circumstance.

Relieve yourself from the pressures of social media, parenting, decision making, and enjoy some well deserved "me" time. 

Participate in group sessions to help you step back and re-evaluate what's next. With each group session, complete one more piece to your personal recovery plan. By the end of the week you will have a completed plan that will act as a guide to help you through the difficult decisions you need to make moving forward. 

We can't ignore the mind, body and spirit, as answers are found in each of these places. Take home newly learned Yoga and Meditation routines.

Learn the cleansing power of clean eating. Not only will we cook for you, we will teach you how to continue to clean eat upon returning home.

4) Be Pampered

Feel great by eating clean and organic. In addition, each bed will have new, clean sheets that we will tidy up for you each day.

Have fun dressing up and playing in the city of Salt Lake. Whether it's a play, paintball, pottery or painting, we will make sure you remember what it feels like to have fun! 

Do you feel alone? Not everyone understands betrayal trauma. Meet and connect with other women who get you and are part of your tribe. Solid friends make the greatest difference when you're trudging through difficult times.

After the retreat, stay connected with these new friends on your own and in the safety of Bloom's private forum.  

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5) Discover Friendships

It's time to move forward


I’m one woman with one story, but I know all women are made of the same material. Even after the most terrible traumas, we can become joyful and whole.

Through speaking, blogging and Instagram, I share my experiences and appreciate hearing the experiences, hope and wisdom of others. Throughout time women have been gathering in tribes, families, circles and even sewing clubs nurturing one another. It’s from this idea, that Camp Scabs was born. I'm excited to now share my experience with Bloom and their community. 

Dr. Kevin Skinner

Sariah Bouck

Sariah is Addo Recovery's yoga instructor and provides yoga as a form of treatment for women in trauma. Sariah brings 8 years experience, 500 hours of RYT and 500 hours of yoga therapy training. In addition to working at Addo Recovery, Sariah is the head yoga instructor on Bloom ( 

Along with her training and experience, Sariah has used yoga as a keystone healing method in her own betrayal trauma recovery and can tailor the experience to the unique needs of the group.

Jacy Boyack, Founder
The Togetherness Project

"As a group of women who have been devastated by the affects of betrayal trauma (a loved one's pornography addiction, infidelity, abandonment, etc.), we trust Bloom to give us the information and support needed to heal. Dr. Skinner truly understands the truth of the situation."

Dawn Hawkins, Vice President
National Center on Exploitation

"We hear from many women who are hurting because of their partners' pornography use. Finally, there is a place where they can get help too! We are so grateful for the leadership, the love, and the help that Bloom is providing to those who are often told that they are simply overreacting. This resource is critical to the movement and to helping women rebuild."

The Gorgeous Sundance Cabin

Enjoy a week in a beautiful cabin in the mountains of Park City, Utah. The cabin is quiet, provides private and shared living accomodations, and is surrounded by gorgeous mountainside views. 

A Large Kitchen Area

Back Deck

Private Suite

Gain the tools, support, and the therapeutic help you need to become "unstuck", move forward and make the right decisions for your life.

For the past 18 years Dr. Skinner has treated addiction, trauma and relationships. He has started two successful online behavioral health companies and authored the best-selling book "Treating Pornography Addiction". He is currently a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Co-Founder and Clinical Director for Addo Recovery and Co-Founder of Bloom ( 

Dr. Skinner has spoken and trained extensively across the country about Betrayal Trauma. 

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